The Rev’d Dr Jonathan J Singh BA(Hons), QTS, DipMin, DipPR, HPC, FCIL, DMin

Ordained to the Diaconate in 2000, and to the Presbyterate in 2001, Jonathan has 18 years ministerial experience across a wide range of contexts: rural market town, suburban south London, mill town, suburban Scotland, Hospice Chaplaincy, Bereavement Counselling, and is currently Outpatient Services Manager at St Leonard’s Hospice, York, UK.

Jonathan has studied in Lincoln (Education and Religious Studies), Oxford (Ministry and Theology), Geneva (Interfaith Dialogue), and Madison (NJ, USA) (Doctor of Ministry).

He is passionate about spiritual development and facilitating people’s relationship with Jesus through getting to know the Jesus of history and learning an openness of heart and spirit to meet the Christ of faith…and listening to other’s experiences along the way.


17 responses

5 12 2009

Enjoyed the read will lookforward to the next posting

5 12 2009

I can hear you say every word and feel so special to have shared a part in your ‘story’.

Catch ya soon

x x

28 01 2010
clive morgan

Hello. I attended St Mary’s between 1996 and 2001 whilst a medical student in Dundee.

Lovely to hear how the presence continues in Dundee as the years pass .

Every blessing to all at St Mary’s.

Gd wishes

28 01 2010

Hi Clive
Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch. If you’re ever in the area, do call in!

Grace and peace


16 05 2010
Daisy Alexander

Hi RectorJonathan!

Hey friend nice reading your blog, it did flash fond memories of bossey…happy to read you are doing great n sure wil give you a tinkle very soon…seeking your blessings – Daisy

15 09 2010
Helen Munro

Hi, Jonathan,

Glad to hear you feel quite at home here in “The Ferry”. I know you have quite an uphill struggle in trying to encourage members of the congregation to get into the 21st century but I’m sure you are up to the task.

I would like to wish you well in the hope that St. Mary’s realise what a hard working fella you are.

Helen Munro

25 09 2010
Jamie Bashir

loved reading this and it took back to when you were training .so good to hear your settled Jonty.keep the good work .best wishes Jamie

26 09 2010
Amanda Naylor

Hello Jonathan
Its really great to know that your journey continues along a less rocky path and a little bit of well deserved sunshine is on your back

27 11 2011
Hugh Magee

Hi Jonathan —

It’s good to be able to stay in touch with you by means of your blog.

It’s also good to have access to your wonderful reflections. I’ve been helping out at St. Mary’s from time to time and I’ve made a point of saying that when it comes to preaching, I can’t hold a candle to their most recent record!

Happy Advent to you & Shane and love to you both from Yvonne & me.


21 06 2012
Kath Brewer

Hello, Hope you are keeping well, loved reading your wise words. Kath Brewer

23 06 2012
Tegwen Manton

I am wondering if you are the same Jonno who rang handbells with myself and my husband Richard?

24 06 2012

The very same!

22 07 2012
Pat Cook

Nice to keep in touch through the Blog, hope all is well.

21 04 2013
Margaret Warman

Thanks Jonathan for helping me to open my eyes to find out more of what is going on in the world.

7 07 2013
Marie-Claire Davies

Jonathan, I hope I’ve found you again! I’ve missed your updates! I hope you are well.

4 04 2015
Susan Sutherland

Glad I have found you again Jonathan. We were out distributing hot cross buns in the Ferry yesterday and was thinking about you.
Every blessing
Susan x

4 04 2015

Lovely to hear from you, Susan. I’m so pleased to hear that Good Friday HCB’s are still being shared in the Ferry. Wonderful!! Do stay in touch.

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